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War Horse By Michael Morpurgo June 17, 2008

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This is a review of War Horse, chapter by chapter.

Chapter One.

Joey was a colt; he and his mother were going to be sold. His mum was taken out to the ring and she was sold, Joey was never to see her again. When Joey was taken out to the ring he looked for his mother, but could not see her. A farmer saw him and bought him for three Guineas then took him to his farm with their cart horse. The farmers boy saw him and went to rub him down and care for him because the farmer was drunk.

chapter two

Albert and Joey grew up together and years passed; Albert cared for Joey and made sure he was safe when the farmer was drunk, by putting him in with Zoey. The drunk farmer makes a bet that he can make Joey plough within a week; he tries to put a collar on Joey, who kicks him. Albert’s Mother persuades the farmer not to shoot Joey and Albert tells Joey angrily to think before he acts and he must learn to plough. Albert teaches Joey to plough with Zoey and the farmer win his bet. At the end of the chapter, war is declared and the farmer is excited but albert’s mother is afraid.

Chapter Three

Albert started taking Joey out to see the sheep. Albert’s Mother told Albert that the war was starting to worry his father because they were running out of money. Albert had to return the boar pig and did not take Joey with him. The farmer came into the stable; he usually just took Zoey out but this time he went to Joey, tricks him with food and put a halter on him.

Chapter Four

The Farmer led Joey and Zoey to the village. There were motor cars and people all gathered together, one of them came up, shook his hand and spoke to him. They had made an agreement that he would buy Joey, if he was in good condition, for £40. The vet checked him and and the Captain buys Joey, which means the farmer can pay his mortgage. Although the farmer had regretted buying Joey, he is sorry to see him go.

Chapter 5

A few weeks before Joey went off to war he had to change from a farmhouse horse into a cavalry mount. He went to a riding school and was taught by Corporal Samuel Perkins. He hated his rider, Captain Nicholls was really nice he fed Joey and brushed him down and painted pictures of joey and sent one to Albert. A few weeks later they went off to war.

Chapter 6

While Joey and the other horses and people were on the boat; all the soldiers were laugh thing and joking there another horse called Topthorn who Joey liked. when they got there there were lots of wounded people. when they went to fight there the enemy they could not find them. The enemy had been sighted orders rang out Joey was running forward, then there was nothing on his back. Joey ran off he heard that he had won.

Captain Stewart came to Joey and told him that Captain Nicholls Had died

Chapter 7

When the horn blow for everybody to wake up the horses were rummaging in there nosebag’s for the last of the oats. Captain Stewart came along with another man Trooper warren was the name of the man, he mounted Joey Captain Stewart came over to Joey and said take good care of him