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Horses and Pony August 5, 2008

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I love horses. they are loving animals. there are lots of different breeds, my favourite breed is called the Thoroughbred. it’s my favourite breed because it’s the fastest horse and it’s very pretty. when they are fully grown they are usually 16.1 hands high (explain this to the group). they are usually brown, bay, or chestnut. Pony’s are like horses but smaller. My favourite breeds of pony are the Dartmoor pony, Exmoor pony and new forest pony. Dartmoor ponies when fully grown are 12.2 hands high. they are usually black, bay, or brown with some markings. Exmoor ponies when fully grown are 11.2 to12.3 hands high, usually bay. they are rarer than the giant panda and they have very big eyes. New forest pony’s grow up to 12.2 to 14.2 hands high, they are any colour except piebald or skewbald. a hand is four ins which is 10cms they are measured from the withers there shoulders. any horse 14.2 hands or less is a pony