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School days. April 17, 2010

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Going to school for the first time ever is not easy. My first day at school was a bit confusing, because I didn’t know what to do at all. I met lots of new people, but only a few on the first day. We started a project on the first day it was a research project where each of us had to pick a subject and write about it.

I chose the Tudors and wrote 25 pages on it on the Bradgate park and all the kings and queens from Henry the VII  to Elizabeth the first, I even did the confusing bit about Lady Jane Grey. I did a lot of projects while I was there.

I did DT which is design and technology where we had to build a House then a car boat thing which we had to test.

Then we started an end of school term play of a Midsummer Nights dream but we turned it into A Midsummer Terms Dream since there was a lot of us we had to play a bit of one part so one person would Puck in one scene then another in the next scene. Which was great fun and went well.

We also had P.E where sometimes we did Orienteering and other times we did Cricket (which I was RUBBISH at).

One of my favourite times was when I helped at the younger Sports day, me and my friend Elizabeth did this game where they had to jump through these hoops and then ran back and I enjoyed doing that. Then there was my Sports day. I was the second Captain it was great fun and we won!!!

I did try a day at Orton Longville but I knew school was not the place for me. But I’m really glad I went and I really enjoyed it.