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My Holiday. June 8, 2010

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My family and I have just been on holiday. We went to Devon and we stayed on Lower Hookner Farm; we stayed there because my daddy had lived near that farm while he was growing up. We went at the end of May and stayed there from Saturday to Sunday of the next week. For the first bit and the last bit we stayed at our cousins Izzy and Millie’s house. We went because we needed a holiday.  We drove down there after Amelie’s gym competition; it was a really hot day and the air conditioning in the car wasn’t working.

On the first day it was my birthday. I was really excited because I wanted to open my presents but Mummy and Daddy were tired because they went to bed very late and had not had enough sleep, so Maddy, Izzy and I played Pokemon on our DS’s.

Later I opened my presents. I got six books and I’ve read two of them already; they were really interesting.  I also got a Groovy Girl and a Groovy Girl car and Maddy, Amelie and Josie and I played with our Groovy Girls during the week. I got some really nice clothes too.  My favourite piece of clothing was a white vest top with a short green top with  two zebras on it. Unfortunately I spilt butter down it which was a real shame but mummy brought me another one.

Then we went to the farm. It was peaceful but also full of life. We stayed in a cottage but that only had one double bed so the girls and I slept in a tent. There were ducks in the field where we were staying and there were really cute ducklings. There were also dogs.

There were three dogs. Jake was a Collie dog; he was four years old and a very lively dog but in the evenings he would put the ducks to bed which was very cute and amazing. There was  Jasper; he was seven and was a cross between a Whippet,  a Lurcher and something else but they didn’t know what that was. He was very shy but one day he came into our tent.  Last but not least, there was Annie. She was a three year old Whippet and she was very sweet. One night we had a barbecue and she was trying to eat it so we had to chase her away; she went away with her head down and her tail between her legs but then she came back.

While we were on holiday we went on a lot of walks but one of my favourites was a really hot day when we went to Bellever. There was a river and the girls and I all had little islands and we would jump from one to the other which was great fun. Then, just before we went to go on the walk, Maddy decided to try get to her beach. She was all dressed with her shoes on then she slipped and to stop herself from falling over she had to put her foot in the water, so on the walk she had very wet trainers. The walk had a really steep hill that we had to climb; it took a long time to get up and we had to keep stopping to have a drink because it was so hot. We finally got to the top, by which time my legs hurt and I was very hot. We had to through prickly gorse bushes and we got very spiked. Then we had to go back downhill to where another bit of the river was and there was a stone bridge and we jumped from one stone to another.

Then we climbed back up the hill and met somebody who told us the story of Snaily House. Once there were two sisters and they never came to town to buy food so people thought they were witches so they stayed out of their way. Then when they were dead, people explored the house and they found a lot of snail shells so people think that the two sisters lived on snails. Yuck!!. Then we walked back to the car and we went to a bridge called Postbridge; Maddy and Amelie and I tried to wade through the river. We succeeded! When I waded through with Maddy she went all whimpery and needed help but then she waded through on her own and did very well.

My other favourite walk was when we went to Easdon. We walked through this passage way which had lots of bluebells and other flowers. My favourite bit was when my shoelace came undone so I went to tie it up and I saw a little baby rabbit. I called everyone to have a look. When we left it alone it scampered away. We then climbed this really steep hill, which was really prickly. When we got to the top we could see the farm we were staying on. We could see the horses in the field, a bit of the cottage we were staying on and we could see the stables where the horses lived. We then had lunch but there was only one roll each so we were all still rather hungry.

We went to our friend’s house after the walk I played with her oldest girl M and I rode her pony bare back, which means no saddle, I almost fell off a couple of times but I got the hang of it.

When we had to go I didn’t want to leave because we had had a really nice time.