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All about some of my family June 23, 2010

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All about Me.

My name is Fran. I am Twelve years old and I’m about 4’ 10”; I have honey coloured hair and I think I’m rather pretty. I think of myself as clever, funny, serious, kind and sweet. The things I enjoy most are Gymnastics, Dancing and Acting and when I’m older I think I would either like to be a Ballerina, work on a farm or become a commonwealth gymnast, (not likely). I like to wear leggings so I can do gym in the garden and short sleeved tops but if I am going to a party I like to look my best. I am Home Educated but in 2009 I went to school and although I kind of enjoyed it but I did not carry on.

All about Amelie

Amelie, is my younger sister. She is eight years old and she has dark brown hair in a bob. Amelie is cheeky, clever, annoying and playful. Her hobbies are Gymnastics, Dancing, annoying me and being noisy. When she is older she wants to become an Olympic Gymnast and nothing else. Amelie likes to dress in soft trousers so she can do splits and tops that are too small for her. Like me Amelie is also home educated, she has never gone to school and I don’t think she’s planning to.

All about Maddy

Maddy,is also my younger sister. She is ten years old and has short toffee coloured hair. Maddy’s hobbies are TKD, rugby, singing and acting. Maddy’s personality is different, shy about herself and competitive. When she’s older Maddy would like to be an actress. Maddy doesn’t go to school but I don’t think she wants to.

All about Mummy

Mummy, is my Mum, her name is Merry, she is a little bit taller than me but not a lot. She has brown curly hair and she sometimes has it died blonde on top. Her hobbies are, chatting to friends on the phone for a long time, watching us do our gym and TKD, sleeping, writing on her blog and working. Mummy’s personality is helpful, amazing and lovely.


2 Responses to “All about some of my family”

  1. Lynn Says:

    You are a very good writer Fran!

  2. Fran:

    you described everybody very well.

    I can get a picture and see everyone in movement.

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