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The Water Lilies By Claude Monet. July 5, 2010

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The Water Lily pictures are my favourite ones done by Claude Monet. The three I’m writing about I think are spring, summer and autumn, my favourite one of these is the spring one because the colours feel soft and calming. The bits of the picture I like is the blue bridge going over the pond, the willow tree in the corner and all the beautiful pink and purple Water Lilies make it look like a garden from a dream.

Water Lilies by Monet

The Water Lilies from the Summer is very different because the bridge is darker and it’s no longer blue but green, The Willow tree is a darker green and the trees around it have got flowers on them and the Water Lilies are not Pink and purple but a variety of different colours from a deep blue to a light yellow. The picture is not as calming as the spring one but it’s still as beautiful as the spring.

The Autumn one is incredibly different because the bridge is red and some of it is covered by a bush, the willow tree is a kind of duller green with bits of red from the sky behind it and the trees around it have different coloured leaves on it and all the Water Lilies have different shades of red on them. This one doesn’t make me feel very calm but everyone has a different thought on them.

When I put all three together they all have three things in common, the bridge, the willow tree and the water lilies. The spring and the summer ones look like they were painted in the middle of the day while the autumn one looks like it was painted in the evening. They were painted in 1916 and are the most beautiful and famous ones.


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  1. Water Lilies, at least the spring one was my own favourite of the three.

    I liked the autumn one as well.

    I see a lot of green and blue in the water.

    (Which one do you have up there? The summer one?)

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