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A Day at Wood Green. April 2, 2011

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The other week my family, friends and I went to Wood Green Animal Centre. We were split into three different groups because we were being taking on a tour.

We started by going to the cat section,   we learned about the different colars, and the our tour leader got out one of her favourite cats and we got to stroke her Saffy who was 14 years old and luckily for her she had found a new home to go to.

Then we went to the farm animal bit and saw some Pygmy Goats (if that is how you spell it!) and then we saw a sheep who had just had two lambs but the mother was ill so they had to stay in  a barn and then there were some chickens who had only just arrived.

Then we went to the small animal inclosure, we started with the Rabbits and I learn that  50% of the rabbits in UK are abused by their owners, then we went to see the guinea pigs and they were sooooo cute; we got to stroke two of them, one of them was a very clever guinea pig because it was blind but although it was blind he could still get to everything he needed which I thought was very clever.

Then we went to the dog kitchen where they make all the food for the dogs and we asked some questions, I asked how much it cost to keep all the dogs in there happy and healthy, our tour leader didn’t know how much the dog section cost but she said that there are two other wood greens in england and all together they cost about 21 thousand a day!!!.

Then we went into this dog socializing place where we met this dog called Gizmo, he was only a pup but he was SOOOOOOOO cute and I wanted to take him home unfortunatly for me but luckily for him he had already got a home.

I really enjoy our trips to wood green and when I’m older I’m going to work there and get two dogs from there.