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East Of England Show 2011! June 18, 2011

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Yesterday I went to the East of England Show which again was absolutely amazing! We watched the cows being walked around arena, I have to say none of them to pleased about it!

Then we looked in the Animal tent where we looked at the baby chicks which were very sweet! We even held them  but mine kept trying to run off! There were also piglets in the tent and they were suckling from their mother which was very cute as well!

We looked around the stalls for a bit and I was given some stuff about the ‘Royal Agriculture Collage’. I’m thinking about going to Agriculture Collage but I would like to do a course on horses because I want to keep horses when I’m older.

We looked at the Steam Trains and the Tractors. They were all very brightly coloured and some of them had Steam coming out of their tops, the steam smelt really horrible and made me feel a bit funny.

Then we saw the Beagles again, they were still as cute as ever. There were a lot of them hut their owner knew could tell them apart which I thought was really quite impressive! They did a bit in the arena as well and we learnt a bit about the American Mink.

The ‘Royal Navy’ were there too and they had this climbing wall (which was on a belt) and when y0u got to top the wall would move down and you would have to keep climbing, if you understand what I mean? When I was on they started to tilt backwards and forwards I didn’t realise until I was told, maybe that was why I felt dizzy afterwards!?!?

We also watched a sheep being shaved, I don’t think the sheep was impressed but it was interesting and a  lovely day out again!!!!