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Bury St Edmund’s June 20, 2011

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The other day we went to Bury St Edmund’s, to pick up some magazines my Dad brought and to have a day out. We went to the Abbey. The Abbey took over 500 years to build and in 1327 there was the Great Riot and a lot of the Abbey got burned and several of the Monks were killed!

We also had a look in the Crypt  The Crypt is where all the important people were buried although there wasn’t a lot of it left. The Abbeys Gateway was quite new compared to the rest of it and a lot of the buildings around the Abbey are houses.

After we had looked at the Abbey we went to Anglesey Abbey, but there are two problems with that name, It’s not an Abbey and it’s not in Anglesey! We had a look at the mill and we saw a Greater Wagtail because they were nesting in the water mill, they were beautiful birds quite big with a long tail!

Then we had a look in the fish pond and in there were massive carps, We looked at them for a while and then we went into this garden bit which had the most beautiful flowers in it we played in there for a bit and then we finished the day with an Ice Cream!

And here are some more pictures.

There are the fish!

And there’s us next to Silver Birch trees.