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Tim Noble Workshop. July 26, 2011

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Yesterday I did my Tim Noble workshop at my dancing class. Tim Noble is a choreographer and last year he came and did a workshop for four hours, I really enjoyed it and I was very excited when he was doing another workshop this year. My workshop didn’t start until 2:30 so I had plenty of time to get very excited!

We started with a warm up  which was very complexed and quite difficult! Then we started working on the dance we were showing all the adults later. It was quite difficult as me and my friend found out, with a lot of funny arm movements and spins. Because I love dancing I put a lot of effort in, Tim Noble kept telling me that I was doing really well and standing out within the whole group of people and there were 20 to 30 people so although I was looking at the ceiling and going bright red I was quite pleased!

When the adults came Tim Noble asked me where my mum was a told her that I done really well that day, I have to say I was very VERY embarrassed because he only said that to my mum and I don’t like to be pointed out in a group I prefer to be average! But when I’m enjoying myself I kind of throw myself into it 🙂 Oh and I’m going to be a professional dancer or actor when I’m older!