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School. July 27, 2011

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In 2009 I went to School for the first time. I went for the last term of year 6 to see if I wanted to carry onto senior school, unfortunately I didn’t get into the school I wanted to go to but then last week we got a letter offering me a place at the school I wanted to go to.

We went to see the school to decide whether or not I was going to . The person we met told us a lot about the school, it’s specialities and things like that, we also spoke about GCSE options because they do options year in year 9 instead of year 10. After we had finished talking I had to decide if I was going or not, in the end I decided that I was going to give it a go.

We were given a quick tour of the school, it has 3 massive dance studios and a massive sports hall. It does loads of outside activities as well including the Air cadets that I want to do!

I won’t be starting until October so I have a couple of months to get my knowledge up to scratch and hopefully and I won’t be behind at all. I have to go back to the school in September to meet my form tutor and get some of my school uniform, the school uniform is exceptionally black and also your only allowed to wear white socks if you’re a girl wearing a skirt???