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Bury St Edmund’s June 20, 2011

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The other day we went to Bury St Edmund’s, to pick up some magazines my Dad brought and to have a day out. We went to the Abbey. The Abbey took over 500 years to build and in 1327 there was the Great Riot and a lot of the Abbey got burned and several of the Monks were killed!

We also had a look in the Crypt  The Crypt is where all the important people were buried although there wasn’t a lot of it left. The Abbeys Gateway was quite new compared to the rest of it and a lot of the buildings around the Abbey are houses.

After we had looked at the Abbey we went to Anglesey Abbey, but there are two problems with that name, It’s not an Abbey and it’s not in Anglesey! We had a look at the mill and we saw a Greater Wagtail because they were nesting in the water mill, they were beautiful birds quite big with a long tail!

Then we had a look in the fish pond and in there were massive carps, We looked at them for a while and then we went into this garden bit which had the most beautiful flowers in it we played in there for a bit and then we finished the day with an Ice Cream!

And here are some more pictures.

There are the fish!

And there’s us next to Silver Birch trees.


East Of England Show 2011! June 18, 2011

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Yesterday I went to the East of England Show which again was absolutely amazing! We watched the cows being walked around arena, I have to say none of them to pleased about it!

Then we looked in the Animal tent where we looked at the baby chicks which were very sweet! We even held them  but mine kept trying to run off! There were also piglets in the tent and they were suckling from their mother which was very cute as well!

We looked around the stalls for a bit and I was given some stuff about the ‘Royal Agriculture Collage’. I’m thinking about going to Agriculture Collage but I would like to do a course on horses because I want to keep horses when I’m older.

We looked at the Steam Trains and the Tractors. They were all very brightly coloured and some of them had Steam coming out of their tops, the steam smelt really horrible and made me feel a bit funny.

Then we saw the Beagles again, they were still as cute as ever. There were a lot of them hut their owner knew could tell them apart which I thought was really quite impressive! They did a bit in the arena as well and we learnt a bit about the American Mink.

The ‘Royal Navy’ were there too and they had this climbing wall (which was on a belt) and when y0u got to top the wall would move down and you would have to keep climbing, if you understand what I mean? When I was on they started to tilt backwards and forwards I didn’t realise until I was told, maybe that was why I felt dizzy afterwards!?!?

We also watched a sheep being shaved, I don’t think the sheep was impressed but it was interesting and a  lovely day out again!!!!


A Day at Wood Green. April 2, 2011

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The other week my family, friends and I went to Wood Green Animal Centre. We were split into three different groups because we were being taking on a tour.

We started by going to the cat section,   we learned about the different colars, and the our tour leader got out one of her favourite cats and we got to stroke her Saffy who was 14 years old and luckily for her she had found a new home to go to.

Then we went to the farm animal bit and saw some Pygmy Goats (if that is how you spell it!) and then we saw a sheep who had just had two lambs but the mother was ill so they had to stay in  a barn and then there were some chickens who had only just arrived.

Then we went to the small animal inclosure, we started with the Rabbits and I learn that  50% of the rabbits in UK are abused by their owners, then we went to see the guinea pigs and they were sooooo cute; we got to stroke two of them, one of them was a very clever guinea pig because it was blind but although it was blind he could still get to everything he needed which I thought was very clever.

Then we went to the dog kitchen where they make all the food for the dogs and we asked some questions, I asked how much it cost to keep all the dogs in there happy and healthy, our tour leader didn’t know how much the dog section cost but she said that there are two other wood greens in england and all together they cost about 21 thousand a day!!!.

Then we went into this dog socializing place where we met this dog called Gizmo, he was only a pup but he was SOOOOOOOO cute and I wanted to take him home unfortunatly for me but luckily for him he had already got a home.

I really enjoy our trips to wood green and when I’m older I’m going to work there and get two dogs from there.


A trip to Burghley House October 19, 2010

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Yesterday we went to Burghley House. Burghley House was built for Sir William Cecil who served Queen Elizabeth I in 1558 until 1587.  When we got to Burghey House we went how much it was to get into the Sculpture Gardens as we were walking up we crossed two pillar things there was a space between them and Maddy and Amelie pretended that it was an invisable gate and kept walking into it it was very funny. We decided that we weren’t going to go in the Sculpture Gardens so we decided to look about the grounds.

When we were walking there we saw some fungus they were massive we also saw some chesnut trees and lots of chesnuts. We saw lots of Deer while we were walking there were loads of them, some of the really big ones were looking at us and it was little bit scary. Josie didn’t like them and even Amelie was a bit scared.

We got to a bit where there were loads of trees and there was a sign saying “Old Park Trees can drop drop branches Be aware”  Mummy teased us because she said that i said “Old Park trees Beware” I asked why and Mummy said that they might mistake us for Orks like in lord of the rings. When we got to the sign Mummy took a picture it took a long time to persuade Amelie to come under the tree because she thought one of the branches might all on us while we were under it!

We  walked a bit further and there were these metal bars and we were doing Squat ons and starddle ons and that was quite fun. We found out why Oak trees are dying it because of compressian in the soil and the trees roots are getting squashed which was very intresting.

When we got back to the car we played a game with our scarves where someone was a horse and someone a rider and the horse had the scarf around their waist and the other person held onto the scarf and would be pulled around by the person being the horse.

I really enjoyed going to Burghley house and hopefully we’re going to do it again. Pictures are coming later!!!


My favourite bit of the weekend July 5, 2010

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My favourite bit of the weekend was the Mary Poppins show that I did. On the day we had to be up early because I had a gym display in the morning. When the gym display was over we went to Kingsgate theatre which was where we were doing the show.

I was in the blue dressing room because for my tap and ballet I was doing the Highland fling and Sailor tap and that was where everyone who did those were put. We were there at 11:30 and the first show started a 2:00 so we had time to practice.

When the first show started I was really nervous because I was first on stage with some of my friends. The first dance went really well and when we came off we were really relieved and started to get ready for the next dance. The second dance I went really wrong because we were meant to cover up some people and I accidently let one of them show. I was really cross with myself for letting that happen but we were back on stage a few minutes later and that was alright. Then it was time for the finale which I think was really good.

Then it was the second half of the show which involved my quickest change yet. But first I did my Beatles Jazz and my friend fell over when she did a kick and got really upset; but the second Jazz dance was really good. After the Jazz dances I had to run to my dressing room to get into my sailor costume and I only had 4 minutes to get into it and I was ready in the nick of time. After the sailor dance I had to get ready for the Highland fling I was in the wrong place for one bit so I had to kind of move while dancing. After the Highland fling I had nothing to do so I just sat and watched through the window.

After the show we had 2 hours of nothing so we just got ready for the next show. The beginning of the first show was good but for the second dance I had an umbrella and it broke but I had had an umbrella in the first one and it was fine but my umbrella completely broke and I almost cried but there was no time for crying so I just got on with it. The rest of the dances were ok and when I was finished I went and watched the show on a tv.

After the show we went home and I played on my new IPOD touch.

That was my favourite bit of the weekend.


The East of England show. June 21, 2010

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On Friday the 18th of June we went to the East of England show. There were lots of stalls selling things like clothes for horse riding and dog toys. We watched some show jumping while my dad found out where our friends who we were going with were.

When we found our friends they showed us to a cage with some Beagles in it. We were allowed to go in with the Beagles and sit and play with them, they were really friendly and would sit and play with us. There was one little dog who was not a Beagle but a little Jack Russell; she could not walk properly but she was really sweet and licked my shoe.

Then we had lunch; we had to eat quickly because we were booked in to do some cooking. I enjoyed it because I like cooking. We cooked some pasties. I cooked a meat pasty; while they were cooking we looked at different types of flour and did some colouring. Then when our pasties were ready we picked ours up and went outside to eat them.

When we went outside it was raining so we went inside a tent. Inside the tent were some piglets and their mum. At first they were all asleep but later they woke up and were squealing for milk which was very sweet but very noisy. Also there was a flour stall where we ground flour and sieved it; when I was sieving, the flour went all down myself so I was covered in it. But my favourite bit of the tent was the chicks and ducklings. There were three ducklings and a lot of chicks and we were allowed to hold them. I must have had very warm hands because they just settled down completely; the duckling I held had very big feet which it wriggled about, which was really sweet. We also looked at a duck and a chick which had hatched that day. They were so tiny.

Then we sat in the show jumping place intending to watch some show jumping but we had to leave for dancing. I enjoyed the day because I learnt how flour was made and I saw lots of horses. I think I will miss the Beagles and the duckling and chicks the most but I enjoyed being out with my friends and I am definitely going back again next year.


Rockingham Castle May 19, 2008

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I went to Rockingham Castle. When we got there we had some lunch, then we went to the house and we went on an i spy trail. The house was very nice. We went to soldier room then we watched a film about it. Then we saw the kitchen, the panel room and the gallery which had paintings of children in it. Boys, when they were little, dressed like girls. There were ghosts in the pictures which were really statues. And we went to the great hall; i got to try on a real helmet and glove that they used in battle.The helmet was really heavy. Then we went to the shops and Mummy bought Amelie a bow and arrow, Josie a pig and i had a sword and shield; we played outside the castle with them. Josie got a bit upset because she wanted a sword and shield like me.

We went to the car to get a snack and put our toys away. and then we went to the gardens and did a Treasure Hunt to find out who stole the Griffin’s Gold. We had a choice of three kings, William the Conqueror, King Richard I and Bad King John. It was Bad King John who stole the gold. Then we went back to the shop and showed her our answer.  We were right; Bad king John stole the gold so the lady at the counter gave us each a badge.

Then we went back to the car and toys out again and went to the picnic area and played until  we went home.