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Night Mail May 5, 2011

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This week I learned the poem  Night Mail by W H Auden.

The Poem is about a Postal Train which delivered mail, it started from London and ended in Scotland. The poem was written for the film Night Mail which was shown in 1935.

The poems rhythm changes with the beat of the train to show the speed the train is going. The poem describes the places that the train passes like the country side and Glasgow with such detail you can almost see it. When the poem changes from the country side to Glasgow there’s a difference in the writing as if the writer is kind of sad.

We started by learning the poem Night Mail my favourite bit was

This is the Night Mail crossing the border,

Bringing the cheque and the postal order,

Letters for the rich letters for the poor,

The shop at the corner and the girl next door,

There is a a spoof version of the poem and these are the same four lines but the spoof version

This is the Junk Mail crossing the border

Delivered by truck now, that’s the order

None of it wanted, all of it waist

All of it tinged with commercial distaste

I really enjoyed learning the poems and I found them very interesting and fun to listen to
and they lead me to do other things to go with it.

I did a poster of Steam Train, Postal Orders and the other things that are described in the poem.


And then I got some old stamps that had been handed from my Grampty who used to do stamp collecting too.


My ballet project July 12, 2010

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At the moment I am writing a project about ballet. In my project I write about the different ballet dancers like Anna Pavlova. I have been using these three books, Dance, The Ballet Book and A Child’s Introdution to Ballet. These three books have helped me with my project.

I chose ballet because I do I like ballet and I do ballet at Saldance. I have always liked ballet since I started  when I was little I stopped because I got bored because the lady who ran it always seemed cross so I stopped and started at Saldance.

In my project I have chosen three main writers, Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky and Prokofiev. I chose them because they are the people who wrote the most famous ballets. I have learnt a lot about these writers and their lives and I’m looking foward to finishing my project.

I have used Word for my project and saved it all in Dropbox. I am looking forward to finishing and sharing my project.


The Water Lilies By Claude Monet. July 5, 2010

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The Water Lily pictures are my favourite ones done by Claude Monet. The three I’m writing about I think are spring, summer and autumn, my favourite one of these is the spring one because the colours feel soft and calming. The bits of the picture I like is the blue bridge going over the pond, the willow tree in the corner and all the beautiful pink and purple Water Lilies make it look like a garden from a dream.

Water Lilies by Monet

The Water Lilies from the Summer is very different because the bridge is darker and it’s no longer blue but green, The Willow tree is a darker green and the trees around it have got flowers on them and the Water Lilies are not Pink and purple but a variety of different colours from a deep blue to a light yellow. The picture is not as calming as the spring one but it’s still as beautiful as the spring.

The Autumn one is incredibly different because the bridge is red and some of it is covered by a bush, the willow tree is a kind of duller green with bits of red from the sky behind it and the trees around it have different coloured leaves on it and all the Water Lilies have different shades of red on them. This one doesn’t make me feel very calm but everyone has a different thought on them.

When I put all three together they all have three things in common, the bridge, the willow tree and the water lilies. The spring and the summer ones look like they were painted in the middle of the day while the autumn one looks like it was painted in the evening. They were painted in 1916 and are the most beautiful and famous ones.


Fairies and Bronzos (story) April 17, 2010

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Once there was a fairy called Millie Mae she lived in a old sparrows nest. She spent most of her time reading magic. The other fairies asked her if she would come and play with them she always said no. One day she was out and she saw a noticed saying

WANTED £1000 if you find…

Jackdaw Haddow.

I’ll help find him she thought and she flew of to the woods. at the entrance something jumped out.


“I was looking for you.” She in a calm voice.

“WHY!?” He thundered.

“What are you?” She said in the same voice..

“A Bronzo.” He said almost in tears.

“Sorry but what’s tha.t” she said.

“Can’t you see I’m a big elf?” he said.

“Why are you crying.” she said.

“Because I’m the last Bronzo, you would be crying if you were the last fairy.” He said.

“Yes I suppose I would, but how do you know your the last bronzo.” She said.

“Because I….. don’t know.” He said in tears again.

“Lets go and look for one then.” She said.

“YEAH…oh but they would catch me.” He said in tears again.

” Who?” She said.

” The zoo people.” He said.

“Why would they want to catch you.” She said.

” THINK CHILD THINK why else would they want to catch me unless they were going to put me on show.” He said.

“I see…Well there must be another Bronzo in the wood.” Said Millie.

“Maybe.” He said.

“Well let’s look, we’re going to find one before the day is out!” said Millie

“LETS GO!!!!!!!” He shouted.

“They walked for a few hours there had been nothing in sight. So they walked few more hours. Still nothing.

“Millie,are you sure we’re going to find another bronzo?” He said.

“Look I’m sure we’re going to find one.” Said Millie.

“Alright.”Hhe said.

They walked on and soon they came to a city, there was a notice it said…

WANTED  £1000 if you find

Lucy Bonna

“Looks like a Bronzo.” Said Millie

“We need to find her.” Gasped Jackdaw.

“That’s what we’re going to do.” Said Millie.

So they walked and walked and walked some more until they came to a cave, there they heard a faint cry. So in they went.

“What are you doing in my lair… Are you another Bronzo???” Asked the girl.

“Yes. are you?” Asked Jackdaw.

“Yeah. What’s your name? She said.

“Jackdaw Haddow. You?” He said.

“Lucy Bonna.” She said.

Millie then flew off back to her home. She was reading her books again and sometimes playing with her friends.

The End


Oliver Twist day 3 August 19, 2008

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I’m so hungry it’s 3.30pm I’ve not had anything to eat since 7.30pm (last night). The staff don’t have to worry they get six meals a day. I also found out i get extra work tomorrow and the day after. I had nothing to do with it i just pulled out a longer piece of string.


Oliver Twist diary day 2

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Somebody else went up today, the cook said it was my fault and I get the blame!. Only because I did it yesterday for the first time in history, how unfair!!! I got a good old beating and sent to bed (no food tomorrow then).


Oliver Twist diary (day1) August 18, 2008

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It wasn’t  because I was still hungry, we had a lottery who ever got the shorter piece of string had to go and ask  for more.  When it fell on me I felt really worried. I walked up I felt like crying when I got there, I said to the cook please sir I want some more the cook said “more?” I dropped my bowl and ran I almost trip over chair.