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The Riots August 23, 2011

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I wanted to do a blog post on this because I was thoroughly interested but also very shocked. When it was first on the news I wasn’t taking much interest but after it started spreading I wanted to know what it was all about.

I found it awful how so many people of all ages were taking part, so I started thinking, are they being swept up in it all or are the being lead or are they just wanting trouble? I guess it’s a different story for everyone, but what started it? Why did it start in the first place?  A lot of these are question that cannot be answered easily so I just have to come up with some sort of answer.

There were a lot of reports in the paper of families who were being kicked out of their homes because their children had been rioting, when I heard that I wondered if that was a good idea or was it just going to cause more riots? I guess they might want to get all the people who rioting as far away from each other which is a good idea but will it work?

It’s a strange thing to me, I can’t understand why people would want to do this but that’s just me, maybe the people involved thought differently but although that maybe true they had no excuse to do what they did. More than anything else I feel sorry for the children who have been arrested because no one forgets sadly.

There are other things that have annoyed me or made me wondered but they were the main ones.