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Forever And Always February 18, 2012

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Having baby Benedict here, alive and breathing has taken some of the stress and pain away that is here, but it doesn’t take all of it. Freddie is still a person who lived and breathed and we can’t forget that, he can’t ever be replaced or forgotten. Sometimes when Ben open his eyes I can see just a tiny bit of Freddie in them and although that only normal I can’t help but have that tiny nagging worry, I try ever so hard not to worry but it’s just so hard.

When I hold Ben people say that some girls my age already have a baby, I have vowed not to be one of those girls, I’m happy just to have a younger brother. Also it keeps occurring to me that by the time he’s 6 or 7 he’ll probably be coming to spend weekends with me. If he does he’ll have to get used to spending a lot of time in the theatre being cooed by the other dancers! That is a very strange thought and not one I like to think about very often.

When Ben is awake all my fears, doubt and worry vanish but when he is asleep and has been for a while they come back, they creep into the back of my mind sparking off other worries, I remember these worries because I had them with Freddie, when we were at the hospital I was fine but at home I would just worry.

I have decided that I will be happy and I will not wish away his babyhood or is childhood, partly because by doing that I am wishing my own childhood away but mainly because I want to be able to enjoy him forever and always.



Book of the Month August 2011!!! September 9, 2011

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The book of the month this month is………… DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Juliet of the Chalet School!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Juliet of the Chalet School by Caroline German is a fill in book for the Chalet School. The story is, Juliet has become the second head girl of the Chalet school, but she’s really worried that the Chalet School girls won’t like her. It takes a while for the girls to become used to Juliet and there are some tricks played on her at the beginning of term. Then these two new seniors come along and a mystery with them.

I really enjoyed this book even though it’s not written by the same person. Anyone who has enjoyed the Chalet School books will love this one just as much!!! 🙂

This is an August post!


August Book Reviews. September 8, 2011

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I have only read 2 this month which isn’t awful but definitely could have been better, anyway this month I read The Guides of the Chalet School  and Juliet of the Chalet School.

The Guides of the Chalet School, another one of the Chalet School books but not written by the original writer but by someone else. A really good fill in book and loved it from start to finish! 🙂

Juliet of the Chalet School. Again this book is not written by the original author. The best fill in book, almost couldn’t tell it was a different writer. It took me longer to read but it was definitely worth it!

Two good books that I have read, but definitely will do better in September.

P.S. This is an August post.